Seller's Guide


Seller’s Guide

Deciding to sell your house is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. If you work with an experienced realtor like Jessie Lin, she can assist you in getting top dollar for your home, even in a buyer’s market. If you are ready to begin the process, reach out and schedule a consultation today. Below you’ll find a helpful guide to introduce you to the steps it takes to sell your home and maximize profit.

Prospective buyers will be influenced by their first impression of your home, which is why your exterior should be as pristine as the interior. Curb appeal is a significant factor in swaying people to step inside and continue their tour. 

When you start cleaning your home, you’ll want to make minor repairs, get professional staging services (which is proven to sell homes faster and for a larger profit), declutter, freshen up the paint where necessary (like your front door!), and depersonalize. Compass Concierge is a hassle-free way to prepare your home for the market. Compass will front you the cost of your home improvement, with no interest, and it includes interior designers, staging, painting, and more.

Depersonalization is key because buyers like envisioning their furniture and family buyer’sIt’sn’tbuyer’sit’sinside a house. It’s harder for them to do that when there are personal photos on the wall or signs of someone else living there. The object is to make your home look as neutral as possible so it can appeal to a broad range of people.

With your property in its best condition, you can begin the next phase: marketing. Jessie provides her customers with a slate of high-quality marketing materials to showcase your home in the best possible light, to appeal to even the most discerning buyers. She uses a combination of techniques and materials, such as professional photography and videography (drone photographs included). 

Additionally, virtual tools like 3D tours, 2D floorplans, and websites allow interested parties to view your home from the comfort of their computers and mobile devices. Virtual reality has become commonplace in the real estate industry as it enables potential buyers the opportunity to peruse a variety of homes before narrowing their search to the ones they want to see in person.

The open house is one of the most crucial parts of selling your property. Open houses are an opportunity for potential buyers to go inside and tour through the rooms, allowing them the chance to imagine what their life could be like if they become the new owner. Your listing agent will take care of the details, including scheduling and planning. 

Be conscious of local community events and holidays when picking the right day. Weekends are usually best, and it's not a bad thing if someone else is having an open house on the same day as most buyers will visit both, driving up traffic for each person. On the day of the open house, you’ll want to do some sprucing, place fresh flowers, play soft music, and add other comforting details to welcome people into your home.

The buyer's agent will eventually present an offer, or you might even field multiple bids. You will want to work closely with your agent to decide on the best offer or negotiate a counteroffer. Sometimes the negotiations fall through, but don't lose hope. 

There are a lot of variables to consider, and you might need to compromise to respect the buyer's needs. Once an offer is accepted, the remaining process should be smooth and seamless, involving a final inspection, appraisal, and some paperwork before you can officially hand over the keys to the new owner. 

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