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Los Altos

In this perfect balance of suburban comforts and rural beauty.

Welcome to Los Altos

The birthplace of many notable tech companies, this community is known for its rural beauty.
Founded in the early 1900s and advertised as “the loveliest place on the Peninsula,” the majority of Los Altos — excluding Old Los Altos — was built in the post-World War II housing boom when apricot and almond orchards became housing developments. Incorporated in 1952, becoming the eleventh city in Santa Clara County, Los Altos has since emerged as the birthplace of notable tech companies.
In this perfect balance of suburban comforts and rural beauty, you’ll also find lots of urban excitement here, thanks to the area’s proximity to several neighboring cities and its prime placement in the shadow of Silicon Valley.
In Los Altos’ charming and scenic old-style downtown, residents enjoy superior restaurants, shops, and an extremely pedestrian and cyclist-friendly existence. Tree-lined streets and a small village atmosphere characterize Los Altos, and the residential community is served by seven small retail districts.

The Community

Plenty of families and young professionals.

Neighborhood Feel

You’ll find a strong family-focused existence here in Los Altos, which is dominated by small businesses, schools, libraries, and churches.

The Lifestyle

Los Altos is rural and scenic, and residents here enjoy the community’s tree-lined charm.

The Market

Real estate is competitive here, and houses range from modest to opulent.

You’ll Fall in Love With

The tight-knit sense of community. Over 200 volunteers assist in providing city government services to the community each year, bringing Los Altos together in fellowship and camaraderie.


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